Eye Laser Surgery

FREEDOM!!! Throw away your eyeglasses

The method using INTRALASE Lasik Laser is offered exclusively in Cyprus at the Ophthalmos Research and Educational Institute , which accommodates one of the best Laser systems in the world for the complete solution in the treatment of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Ophthalmos Eye and Laser Clinic has brought a new age for Eye Laser surgery in Cyprus.
Refractive surgery belongs to the new generation of Laser refractive correction to eye sight. Myopia can be corrected up to 14diopters, normal and abnormal astigmatism and hypermetropia and all possible combinations. Also Presbyopia can be corrected with the latest technique of advanced monovision. Can be used on stable Keratoconus after Cross-linking treatment and can correct problems that have arisen from previous older generation laser techniques using for example a small optical zone.

The state of the art technique used by serious ophthalmologic centres is Intralase Lasik Laser, the technological advancement after the previous Lasik method. The new technology makes the use of blades and keratomes obsolete and offers a completely safe and precise method of refractive surgery. The trust in this new method is reinforced by NASA as it approves only this method for use on Astronauts (and their fighter pilots).

The Intralase Lasik Laser technology allows a laser created flap for refractive surgery and a shaped cornea for the use in transplants both giving the patient a shorter recovery time. The actual time needed for the correction is a few seconds. Total time one stays in theatre is 10 – 15 minutes. It is pain free and safe procedure. Complications are rare. Vision is usually blurred immediately after the procedure but this feeling usually passes after only a few hours. Most patients are n a position to return to work the next day.

The ALLEGRETO WAVE Excimer Laser together with the ALLEGRETO WAVE Analyzer and the ALLEGRETO WAVE Topolyzer is the latest technology laser today, which is designed to offer patients the most up to date refractive technology available today and achieve the highest quality of vision.

The technology of Intralase Lasik Laser separates without cutting the tissue of the cornea (Bladeless Lasik). It works with thousands of micropulsses of laser light and offers precision at micromilimeter level, considerably reducing all the possible complications of Lasik, giving the highest safety and precise prognosis .

Presbyopia is treated with a method called Advanced Monovison. The correction is programmed according to other pre-existing problems, the age of the patient and the demands made on them at work. The Intralase Lasik Laser method corrects the problem of presbyopia and allows our patients to throw away their long sighted glasses.